Ben Nelsen

Chief Financial Officer

Ben is a leader with a strong drive to succeed who understands the value of hard work. These characteristics were instilled in him at a young age as he watched his entrepreneur father build a business from the ground up.

Ben’s impressive career spans 26+ years in private and public accounting where he’s held roles as a business owner and executive leader. He’s worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Best Buy and General Mills where his competitive mindset and affinity for organization and structure propelled him to seek opportunities for further career development. In 2005, he joined the Buffalo Wild Wings’ leadership team, where he helped grow the restaurant chain from 200 to 1,200 locations nationwide. During his 14-year tenure with Buffalo Wild Wings, Ben was involved in multiple facets of the company from marketing and operations to purchasing, giving him valuable insight into the strategic growth of an organization.

Ben’s main roles at Centra include calculating investment opportunities to optimize returns as well as setting short- and long-term targets that align with the company’s financial objectives. Additionally, he plays a key role in leading the Centra Land Team in planning and development.

A Minnesota native, Ben grew up with a love for sports; hockey in particular. He attended Notre Dame University on a hockey scholarship and today, is the coach of his daughter’s hockey team. As a coach and father to two young children, Ben is a mentor personally and professionally who understands the importance of guiding people to their goals. His leadership style is centered around transparency and context to ensure teams are aligned in their shared vision of success.