About Us

We're a Real Estate Development Company

We create communities, whether it be apartment complexes, strip malls, homes for families to live in, where they can raise their families and create lifelong memories.

And we are a real estate syndication company where accredited investors can partner with us to build their long-term wealth investing in value based, community oriented real estate developments.

Watch the short video above with Owner and Founder, Dale Wills.

Pioneering Community-Driven Real Estate Development

In the evolving landscape of the 2020s, the challenge of housing in America extends beyond simply addressing the shortage. Rising home prices and rents across the nation underscore the urgent need for affordable living spaces. At Centra Capital Partners, our vision transcends the construction of housing units; we are committed to creating valued neighborhoods through strategic location choices, thoughtful architecture and design, diverse product mix, and the integration of community assets.

Building More Than Homes

Our mission is fueled by the recognition that people are searching for more than just a place to live. They are seeking a sense of place—a community where they can feel a sense of belonging and actively participate. In many cities, the scale of urban development has overshadowed the human aspect, leaving residents yearning for a connection and a sense of identity within their living spaces.

The Art of Neighborhood Creation

The role of city planners is critical in zoning and project approvals, but the essence of creating a community — from the urban fabric to a neighborhood with a distinct identity — largely rests on the shoulders of developers. At Centra Capital Partners, we embrace this responsibility with enthusiasm. Serving as the capital-raising arm for Centra Homes, our Minneapolis-based affiliate with a 12-year legacy of building for-sale homes and communities, we are at the forefront of designing spaces that are more than just places to live.

A Proven Track Record

Centra Homes' reputation for excellence is well-established, with accolades that include being a two-time recipient of the prestigious national Eliant Homebuyer Choice award. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to grace, amenities, and appeal in our developments. Yet, the highest praise comes from our customers, who appreciate not only the architectural and building quality of our homes but also the exceptional customer service that makes the home-buying process both simple and personalized.

All the customization options made it possible to build our house with many of the features we wanted, even as first-time buyers." - A Centra Homes Customer

At Centra Capital Partners, we believe in building not just homes, but futures—anchored in communities, designed for living.

Proven Track Record: Centra Capital Partners' Impact Across the Nation

Centra Capital Partners stands as a testament to transformative real estate development, with a robust track record in the Minnesota region and expanding influence across the United States. Our ventures into Utah, certain areas of California, and Florida showcase our ability to identify and capitalize on promising, house-scarce regions, bringing our expertise and vision to new communities.

Port Riverwalk
Coon Rapids, Minnesota

A Model of Redevelopment Excellence

Port Riverwalk exemplifies our capacity to transform challenging properties into thriving neighborhoods. Overcoming decades of complications including a failed strip mall and environmental concerns, we envisioned a vibrant community. With 136 homes integrating seamlessly with local trails and amenities, Port Riverwalk stands as a beacon of successful urban redevelopment, completed in 2023.

Parkside Village
Ramsey, Minnesota

Reviving Abandoned Potential

Parkside Village's journey from an abandoned construction site to a complete, cohesive community underlines our commitment to quality and community revitalization. Taking over in 2018, we introduced 65 townhomes with enhanced design and features, meeting local demand for affordable yet premium housing and turning an eyesore into a neighborhood gem.

Eastbrook Estates
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

Aligning Community and Quality

Eastbrook Estates demonstrates our adeptness at balancing municipal goals with market demands, offering both affordable and move-up housing within a cohesive architectural vision. This 30-home development not only met Brooklyn Center’s aspirations for a mixed housing solution but also underscored our collaborative approach, earning praise for our transparency and community alignment.

The Foundation of Centra's Success

A Legacy Born from Resilience

The origins of Centra Homes trace back to the tumultuous period following the Global Financial Crisis of 2007. Amidst economic uncertainty, Centra emerged as a beacon of innovation and resilience, navigating through the challenges of offloaded sour loan portfolios and transforming partially-built or neglected properties into thriving communities. By 2011, Centra Homes had firmly established itself as a builder and developer committed to tackling re-development challenges head-on.

Visionary Leadership

The driving force behind Centra's ascension during those trying times is Dale Wills, the CEO and owner. With decades of experience in the homebuilding industry, Dale has steered Centra towards success by adhering to a set of core values that distinguish our operations and outcomes.

Centra's Five Core Values

Do Right

We believe in doing the right thing, always. Our actions are guided by integrity and ethical principles.


We adopt the attitude that "the buck stops here," taking full responsibility for our decisions and their impacts.


Understanding and valuing the perspectives of our buyers, investors, and employees is central to our approach.


While we take pride in our confidence, we remain grounded, steering clear of hubris.


We are committed to the continuous growth and self-improvement of our team, recognizing the importance of personal and professional development.

Navigating the Future with Optimism

The landscape of the US housing market is characterized by its scarcity, a challenge that has transformed the nation into a persistently house-short environment. Despite the hurdles, the outlook for skilled and principled homebuilders like Centra remains exceptionally promising. With a stabilizing interest rate landscape and moderating costs, the potential for sustainable growth and development is vast.

As we look ahead, Centra stands poised to leverage these opportunities, supported by our unwavering core values and a proven track record of excellence. For investors and builders who share our vision of creating quality homes and communities, the future is not just bright—it's radiant.

Watch as Dale Wills, the Owner & Founder of Centra, delves into the significance of our core values in shaping our legacy and future.

At Centra, we don't just build homes—we forge lasting communities, guided by principles that ensure our developments stand the test of time. Join us as we continue to craft spaces that not only meet the immediate demand but enrich lives for generations to come.