Case Study: Parkside Village -
A Vision Finally Realized

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Before & After

The Goal

Finish What Was Started......The Right Way

City planners in Ramsey sought to complete a planned 70+ unit townhome development which sat less than a third completed after it was abandoned by a previous builder.  The city envisioned a thriving community delivering a live-work-play model for young professionals, growing families and first-time homebuyers.

The Challenge

A Partially Finished Project and Homeowners Association

In 2006, following a year of construction, 12 units spanning two buildings were completed and sold.  Following economic and development challenges, the builder pulled out of the project.  This left the project incomplete and the remaining property partially graded with unfinished roads and incomplete infrastructure.

Despite efforts from the city and the small homeowners association, the unbuilt portion of the site was soon overgrown and proved difficult to maintain. The bulk of the development sat vacant for over a decade.

Ramsey sought a developer to take a fresh look at the parcel to deliver the city’s original vision while also addressing planning issues.  The city prioritized new townhomes that would match the look and feel of the existing structures and fit into a reimagined homeowners association.

The Solution

A Strategic Solution with Guaranteed Follow-through

Centra Homes purchased the property and a plan was approved to complete the development by adding an additional 13 buildings with 65 units. Plans called for architecture that matched the existing structures while raising the quality standards of the materials and craftsmanship.  The team from Centra focused on the city’s priorities by designing 3-5 bedrooms townhomes with decks and finishes to attract the target clientele while carefully managing to a price point that fit.

Construction began in 2020, and new townhomes continue to sell at a steady pace. The team from Centra was also able to work closely with the existing homeowner’s association to ensure legacy residents were engaged in the process and incorporated into the new covenant.

Together the team was able to refine a plan to deliver the right options for a neighborhood development uniquely suited to this particular community.

The Achievement

A Reimagined Space Delivering Inspiring, Elegant & Affordable Housing

By understanding both the building process and the market, Centra worked closely with city planners to create a community that has attracted the city’s target residents. The new Parkside Village development realizes the original vision in a cost-effective way while also incorporating existing homeowners in the development process. The end result is a beautiful new community that truly embodies the live-work-play model for Ramsey, and contributes significantly to the City’s larger COR (Center of Ramsey) downtown development plan, which spans 300+ acres and envisions a true, transit oriented and walkable, urban development.

Centra is a quality builder who understands the broader vision and wants to make sure their project fits.

— Tim Gladhill, Ramsey Community Development Director, Ramsey, MN